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Every Student

a Unique Treasure to Unearth

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"Education is the ultimate treasure, unlocking boundless potential and opportunities for individuals. It's the gift that keeps on giving."

Aspire to More

Treasure Scientia School was founded in August 1, 2017, by Evangelist Bernard & Deaconess Peace Abana in partnership with the Trustees of Conquerors Church of God Inc..

Treasure—implies how great our children are cherished and valued;

Scientia—a Latin word for Knowledge (teaching and learning)

School—an academic Institution.

Treasure Scientia School therein refers:—an academic Institution for the  teaching and learning of both Staff and children that are highly valued.

Join a community ready to aid you on your journey to discovering what you believe in and how you can make a difference in the world. At T.S.S, we encourage you to be more, seek more and give more.

The Education of
Rooted in Tradition Invite You

The Early Years

T.S.S. Early Years: Where young minds explore, learn, and grow in a nurturing, play-based environment that ignites a lifelong love for learning Ages 3-7

The Primary School

Our Primary: Fostering curiosity, academic foundation, and a passion for lifelong learning in young minds for educational success. Ages 7-11

The Secondary School

T.S.S. Secondary: Empowering students to excel academically, explore interests, and develop vital skills for future achievement and growth Ages 11-18

Why Students Choose
Treasure Scientia
for Gaining Knowledge !

Treasure Scientia School is committed to comprehensive education for both students and staff. We prioritize knowledge, creativity, and character development, fostering a supportive environment. Our dedicated team is passionate about nurturing young minds, preparing them to be global citizens committed to knowledge and ethical leadership, and helping them unlock their full potential.

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